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Beach is Freedom #lorijeanfinnila #screenplay #domesticviolence #freedom

EXT. Day. Road Jesse and Lori are riding along in the car. They turn a corner and enter the campground. The two of them get out of the car. Lori: Oh no! Lori walks over to the tent. Jesse follows. Lori: Oh boy. She handles a hole in the tent. Lori: Some animal chewed through this. We don't want to go in and sleep in this. We're going to have to go get a new tent. Fortunately I got paid. Let's go Jesse. Back out. Jesse and Lori hop back into the car and drive off. INT. Day. Store Jesse and Lori walk through the isles. Jesse runs over to the toy isles. Lori follows. Lori: Ok. Jesse: Mommy I want to ride this. Lori looks up at a motor vehicle for kids. Lori: Let me see if I can get someone to take it down. Lori: (cont.) Oh excuse me sir. Sales Clerk: Yes. Lori: Can you please take this truck down so my son can try it out. Sales Clerk: Sure. The sales clerk maneuvers the truck down and puts it on the floor. Jesse squeals with happiness and h

The Waterfall #lorijeanfinnila #screenplay #domesticviolenceawareness #coronavirus #staystrong #beauty #bonding

(Note: At this time, when I'm alone in my apartment, I think back... now..., on how I was so low on the pole with my stature where I had everything taken from me. And today I'm in equal with everyone else, I even have more than some. I don't feel demise towards this. I just think and feel. Why God? Why any on this?) EXT. Day. Campground Lori takes the dishes and puts them in a basin with dish detergent and pours water from a jug over them. Lori: Come on Jesse. She takes his hand and they walk off together hand in hand. Lori: (cont.) Let's go for a walk. The ground is quiet. It is before the season begins. She was lucky to get a spot just when they opened. The planning, or unplanned went well. She packed just what she needed, no one would notice her gone with all the things left. Holes stuffed with clothes in the old apartment to run from the fumes put in their of drugs by her abuser. Lori: Oooh, a bridge. Let's go check it out. They both skip ove

Building a Fire #campground #fire #eating #lorijeanfinnila #screenplay #coronavirus #staystrong #domesticviolence

EXT. Day. Campground Lori: We're going to have to build a fire if we're going to eat. Lori begins to crumble up paper and put it in the fire bin. She moves the grill rack on top. Lori: Ew, this is disgusting. She shakes off some of the old debris of food and webs. Lori: We'll have to burn these off. She adds sticks underneath the paper and lights the paper with a match. The paper goes up in flames. Lori: There we go. The paper goes out. Lori: The wood is hardly singed. Lori tries again. The paper goes out again. She continues with a bunch of smoke. A  neighboring camper catches sight. He walks over. Camper: Hey there. Lori: (hesitatingly) He..llo. Camper: Want me to show you how to build a fire? Lori: There's a way? Camper: Sure is. I'll show you. First off... He starts with a few very small pieces of twigs. Camper: (cont.) You need to start off very small. He builds a few extremely small pieces of twigs in the fire bin. He puts

In the Wilderness, On the Run (Running from Abuse) A family oriented story. #lorijeanfinnila #screenplay #reallifestory #tent #camping

Our first night seemed like fun. Even a bit of a vacation. That's what I wanted my little three year old man to think. And he did very well. The little man even became my helper through all this all the way down to hammering the stakes in for tent eventually and carrying and gathering the wood. We were fine. We were happy together. We had each other and we had peace, most of the time, of course not counting mother nature and it's obstacles for us. We ran for peace.  In the Wilderness, On the Run (Running from Abuse) A family oriented story.  A screenplay by Lori Jean Finnila. Me and my sandy haired little kid, three, packed up what we could, as fast as we could. I peeled out of the dirt drive in my dented left side vehicle and made my way to the nearest campground. EXT. Day. Campground Car pulls up. Lori walks out of car. Walks around to get Jessie. Unhooks his seat belt on his car seat. Lori: Hey little buddy. Jesse smiles and hops out man style. Lori: (cont