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EXT. Day. Road

Jesse and Lori are riding along in the car. They turn a corner and enter the campground. The two of them get out of the car.

Lori: Oh no!

Lori walks over to the tent. Jesse follows.

Lori: Oh boy.

She handles a hole in the tent.

Lori: Some animal chewed through this. We don't want to go in and sleep in this. We're going to have to go get a new tent. Fortunately I got paid. Let's go Jesse. Back out.

Jesse and Lori hop back into the car and drive off.

INT. Day. Store

Jesse and Lori walk through the isles. Jesse runs over to the toy isles. Lori follows.

Lori: Ok.

Jesse: Mommy I want to ride this.

Lori looks up at a motor vehicle for kids.

Lori: Let me see if I can get someone to take it down.

Lori: (cont.) Oh excuse me sir.

Sales Clerk: Yes.

Lori: Can you please take this truck down so my son can try it out.

Sales Clerk: Sure.

The sales clerk maneuvers the truck down and puts it on the floor. Jesse squeals with happiness and hops on.

Sales Clerk: Don't go far. I'll be over here if you need me.

Jesse takes off in the truck. Lori hurries along after him.

Lori: Oh crap. Whatever. Go this way honey.

Lori finds the tent aisle and looks through.

Lori: Oh, this one is nice. A lot larger than the one we had and even a sitting area separate. I need a tarp too to cover our sitting area. I have tools as well. Oh and a propane stove.

Jesse flies by her in the truck.

Lori: Ok honey, we're not supposed to ride this through the store. Slow down sweetie. Jesse laughs and keeps driving. The sales man eventually finds them and they give the truck back.

INT. Day. Store Line

Lori: That was fun huh honey?

Jesse looks through the hotwheels.

Jesse: I want this one.

Lori: Oh ok honey.

Lori adds the hotwheel to the items on the checkout counter.

EXT. Day. Campground

Lori and Jesse pull into the campsite. They both hop out and Lori begins to gather materials from the sale.

Lori: Honey sit over there on the picnic table. Mommy has to put up the tarp up high.

Jesse runs over to the table with his new car. Lori moves a spare picnic table to stand on. She pulls up a tarp with rope through the holes and begins to tie the tarp up around a thick tree and let's the rope rest on branches. The rope snaps and hits her in the eye.

Lori: OW!

Jesse stops and looks in horror. A huge red swelling starts to appear on Lori's eye.

Lori: Aw shoot.

Some campers notice and she rubs her eyes and then continues. She finishes the tarp.

Lori: How about some BLT's?

Jesse: What's that?

Lori: I've never let you have those before. It's a treat. This is our lunch today.

Jesse smiles.

EXT. Day. Campground

Lori is cooking bacon on the picnic table and Jesse is sitting not too far.

Lori: Mmmm.

She puts the bacon on bread and adds lettuce and tomato with smearing mayo on the bread. She closes both sandwiches and slices them in half, and another for Jesse and gives it to him. Jesse takes a bite.

Lori: Good huh?

Jesse nods and continues to ravish it.

INT. Night. Tent

Jesse and Lori are hunkered down for the night. They both are looking up. A huge noise begins. Lori takes notice. Jesse looks alarmed.

Lori: Oh geez. Another storm.

They both stop and listen. Thuds get louder.

Lori: That's not a storm.

Jesse: Bad weather.

Lori: Seems like a hurricane.

Loud thuds get increasingly louder with trees the loudest of thuds hitting the ground that it's shaking all the way toward the tent a with ton weight of trees slowly falling in line toward the campground. Lori freezes. Then she gets up.

Lori: I'm going to go out there and see what's going on.

Jesse: No mommy. Don't.

Lori stops and looks at Jesse and sits down with him. They both sit still. The sound gets louder. Lori begins to pray to herself. Jesse holds. The wind is constant with the trees now. It seems forever. The last thud is sure to be the last sound they will hear is the look on Lori's face. And then silence.

Lori and Jesse look up a bit.

Lori: It's stopped.

Jesse: Yep.

Lori: You were right little man.

Jesse nudges into her.

Lori: I love you little guy.

Jesse: I love you.

They both go to sleep.

EXT. Day. Campground

The both walk toward the path where the large thuds came from. They couldn't believe their eyes to the large trees blocking the path right toward their tent. They felt thankful.

EXT. Day. Campground

Jesse is riding his trike wheeler and Lori is following behind. Some campers pass.

Lori: He can ride for miles.

The campers smile.

Lori: Actually it has been miles. Why don't you say we head on back. I'm starving. You've got to be hungry too.

Jesse: Ok.

Jesse peddles around toward the campsite.

EXT. Day. Campsite

Lori serves pasta and sauce in a bowl to Jesse and herself. She tops it with grated cheese. She watches Jesse eat. He eats quickly.

Lori: I get concerned your getting so thin that I'm not feeding you enough.

She sighs.

Lori: I guess all that bike riding is making you thinner. I can't keep up with it.

EXT. Day. Beach

Jesse and Lori pull up to the check in window.

Lori: Hi

Counter person: Hello. How long are you here for?

Lori: Two weeks.

Counter person: Ok. That's the maximum. That's fine.

Lori: (nervously) Thank you.

EXT. Day. Campsite

Lori and Jesse walk toward the beach out of the campsite in their summer outfits. The water is smashing on the shore. They both sit on a stairwell.

Lori: The tide is coming in.

Jesse: Yeah

Lori: We'll sit here and watch.

The beautiful water crowds the sure more each wave that comes in.

Lori: We can't go any further. We'll drown.

Jesse: Yeah.

Lori: Let's go get some ice cream.

Jesse: Yes!

Jesse skips off and into the store. Lori follows. The store clerk smiles.

Lori: You can get one of any kind you like.

Jesse: Yes!

Lori pays for the ice cream as Jesse is eating it and walking out.

EXT. Day. Beach

Lori and Jesse hold hands on the beach. The sand rushes onto their toes each wave that comes in.

Lori: This is what freedom is.

Jesse: Yes.

Jesse smiles in glee and dances to the statement.


This is just a real short of this. I left out the few night animals got into our things left out very loudly.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels


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