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EXT. Day. Beach Campground

Jesse and Lori walk toward the beach campground bathroom. Lori carries their towels and essentials. Jesse rides his three wheeler as you can hear the crunching of sand run under his plastic tires.

Lori: We're going to take a shower. (humming)

Jesse smiles as he speeds up on his three wheeler. Lori walks up the short wooden ramp as Jesse rides his three wheeler in. Mud passes in with his tires. Women in plastic caps, some wrapped in towels, look on in amazement and somewhat horror. A few step beside the mud tracks. Jesse rides into the biggest stall.

Lori: Here's your stuff.

Lori puts Jesse's items to wash and dry with down on the bench in the shower stall. She then proceeds to turn the water on adjusting it to warm.

Lori: Ok buddy. You're all set.

Jesse: Ok.

Jesse puts his bike set in the corner. Lori walks into her shower and proceeds. You hear humming coming from Jesse's shower.

INT. Day. Beach Campground Bathroom

Lori looks to Jesse who is coming out of the large shower stall riding his three wheeler.

Lori: All set.

She walks in and takes his items and gathers them with hers.

Jesse: Yup.

Lori: Let's go.

Jesse rides his three wheeler through as the ladies hop to the side a bit in the bathroom.

EXT. Day. Beach Campground

It is raining a bit. Lori and Jesse are walking toward the beach bathroom Lori carrying their shower items and Jesse riding his three wheeler bike. They make it up the ramp. Jesse's tire tracks carry great amounts of mud.

Women in bathroom: Oooohhhhh (women exasperating to the mud ). He shouldn't be riding this in here.

Lori ignores as well as Jesse making his way with bigger tire tracks behind him to the bathroom stall. Humming goes on as they continue their shower.

INT. Day. Beach Campground Bathroom

Lori and Jesse proceed to exit the bathroom Jesse riding his three wheeler out. Women are exclaiming signs of horror.

Women: That bike should not be in here. Yes, we can't handle that in here. You won't be able to come in here or back to this camp again.

Lori keeps walking with Jesse out the door.

Lori: I don't think they like this bike in here.

Jesse keeps riding his bike with his head held tall.

EXT. Day. Beach Campground

The morning sun shines through the campground. Lori gathers the breakfast food.

Lori: They're not going to accept your bike in that bathroom bud.

Jesse looks straight ahead.

EXT. Day. Beach Campground Bathroom

Jesse and Lori enter the bathroom. Jesse rides his bike dragging mud on his wheels to his stall. Screams in the bathroom come from the women naked and some wrapped in towels.


Lori looks solemnly on toward Jesse and then enters her stall.

Women: You're not going to be able to come back to this campground. You should not let him bring that bike in here! That bike is not meant to be in here. I'm going to report this.

Lori continues her shower.

EXT. Day. Beach Campground

Lori and Jesse exit the bathroom. Jesse smiles as he rides his bike down the short wooden ramp. Lori has a forced embarrassed smile as the ladies look on.

Woman: I'm going to report you.

Lori half force smiles.

EXT. Day. Beach Campground

Sun makes it's way through the trees.

Lori: Time to take a shower.

Jesse looks towards his three wheeler.

Jesse: I don't need to take my bike.

Lori: You don't? (surprised) Are you sure?

Jesse: Yes.

Lori: Wow. Okay.

Jesse smiles.

Lori: Here.

She hands Jesse his shower items.

Lori: You can carry your shower items instead.

Jesse smiles and takes his items.

EXT. Day. Beach Campground Bathroom

Lori and Jesse walk up the short wooden ramp into the beach campground bathroom. Jesse has his towel slung over his right should as he proudly marches in with his other items in his hand. Some of the women catch sight and look surprised.

Women: Yeah.

Some proceed to clap in somewhat of a line form as Jesse walks past by himself toward the big stall. His smile is huge and large and he makes a proud giggle sound of as his smile gets huge. The women smile and look on.

Woman: I didn't think you were going to be able to come back to this campground. Lori's face blushes a bit. She looks proudly at Jesse as he makes his way into his stall.

Woman: That's a big boy.

Jesse: I can do the water mom.

Lori: Are you sure?

Jesse: Yup.

Lori: Ok hun.

You hear water running and women laughing with relief as the water washes over Lori gleaming.

Outside shower is my Jesse, at three years old, SO PROUD. Running from abuse left the pictures not in the best form.


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