The Bus #inthewildernessontherun #screenplay #lorijeanfinnila

 I just thought of this, the many times I ran with my son as I see a bus slowly ride by my home now. 

Photo by Yelena Odintsova from Pexels

The Bus

Many times I ran on a bus

Oh it was so free

No one knew where I was going

Just me, him, and the air

The possibilities that were coming to me

A new place 

a new time

New scenery 

for me and my child.

hope, it always did bring

A new place to live

A new store to shop at

A new path of a plan to escape 

New long roads to walk 

Where we didn't know 

where it would end

Until it would come to face us again

If I were on that bus

Where would I go

As it moves slowly by me now

It gives me time to

Think of another place

And time

Where would I be

A different place than here

A place with more freedom

To move, outside of the confinements I"m in

Perhaps a place where my mind could freely wander, be curious

Wonder what might 

be going on out there

What might include me

The excitement rises

To these thoughts

I know how far buses travel

To a new world, light, and thought

A physical movement different

From what I know

Where it's been

How it's been shown

Life on the bus

Would seem so fun

A laugh, a hair pin, goofy faces

That might never end

A story so beautiful

And great, I can't even tell it

For I'm still trapped 

These four walls 

with my thoughts 

as the bus goes slowly by  


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