Having to Use the Potty #truestory #lorijeanfinnila #screenplay #inthewilderness #runningfromabuse

A time comes when we're in an emergency and have to use the toilet but there's no adult toilet there.
INT. Night. Campsite
Lori is twisting and turning her legs as she looks upon Jesse sleeping.

She sticks her head out the tent. She jumps to night owls hoot and animal sounds. She looks to the bathroom.

Lori: Oh gosh.

She closes the tent door. The lock on the tent rattles as she quickly locks the tent closed. She goes and lays down.

Sound: Thump.
Lori jumps. She looks over to Jesse. He is still sleeping.
Sound: Thump. Thump. Thump.
Cans crash to the ground. Lori's eyes widen. She holds herself tight.
The cooler crashes to the ground. Small steps sound on the picnic table. More rattling of objects being moved on the table occur. Lori turns up the radio and goes to sleep.
INT. Night. Campsite
Lori opens her eyes.

Lori: groans
Lori rubs her eyes. She peeks out the window of the tent. She sees nothing. She looks to Jesse sound asleep. She looks to the children's potty in the corner.…

Jesse Becomes a Little Man #reallifestory #screenplay #lorijeanfinnila #inthewilderness #runningfromabuse

EXT. Day. Beach Campground
Jesse and Lori walk toward the beach campground bathroom. Lori carries their towels and essentials. Jesse rides his three wheeler as you can hear the crunching of sand run under his plastic tires.Lori: We're going to take a shower. (humming)Jesse smiles as he speeds up on his three wheeler. Lori walks up the short wooden ramp as Jesse rides his three wheeler in. Mud passes in with his tires. Women in plastic caps, some wrapped in towels, look on in amazement and somewhat horror. A few step beside the mud tracks. Jesse rides into the biggest stall.Lori: Here's your stuff. Lori puts Jesse's items to wash and dry with down on the bench in the shower stall. She then proceeds to turn the water on adjusting it to warm.Lori: Ok buddy. You're all set.Jesse: Ok.Jesse puts his bike set in the corner. Lori walks into her shower and proceeds. You hear humming coming from Jesse's shower.INT. Day. Beach Campground BathroomLori looks to Jesse who is com…

Three Year Old Jesse Hammers Tent Stakes, Tent Gets Soaked, and Lori Decides to Light a Candle for Heat #lorijeanfinnila #reallifestory #screenplay #domesticviolence

EXT. Day. Campground Site

Lori is pulling up the tent setting it up.

Lori: Jesse want to help mom with the stakes for the tent?
Jesse: Yeah
Lori: Ok.
Lori walks over to Jesse and hands him the hammer and takes a stake and puts it into the ground pulling the tent tighter.
Lori: You take the hammer and this part of the stake till it goes into the ground. Don't put your hands near it.
Jesse: Ok.
Lori: I'd rather you miss than hit your hand. I want you to take your time.

Jesse: Ok.
Jesse swings the hammer to the top of the stake and it slides off. Lori looks and smiles.
He does it again and moves the stake a bit.
Lori: I don't want you to rush. We have plenty of time.
Jesse: Ok.
Jesse keeps hitting until the stake starts towards the ground more. Camping neighbors walks by.
Neighbors: Oh look! (One woman with a hand to her mouth smiling.)

Her husband smiles too. Lori looks over proudly to Jesse and then smiling back to them.
EXT. Day. Campsite

Jesse has almost 100 cars lines up in the campsit…

Pictures "In the Wilderness, On the Run" #screenplay #reallifestory #lorijeanfinnila #domesticviolence

My little fella at three at one of the campgrounds in the first six months with his sunglasses on. He would help me hammer in the tent stakes. He loved it. My little man.

My strong little three year old on his first ride on the flying fish in the amusement park at the beach -last added scene. (As you can see, the photos isn't in the best condition because we were running.)

Flying Rockets at the Amusment Park #insert #screenplay #lorijeanfinnila #reallifestory

Well, I thought to add in this amusement park scene where I've had some hits trickle in with interest even a few days after the initial posts of my screenplay. It's nice to add onto it as well if anyone is interested in producing it. I can't help but to have the loveliest of thoughts to our running adventure as I watched my son grow with laughter and glee in his heart.
(They were actually flying rocket fish.)
Rocket Kiddie Rides
We eventually ventured over to an amusement park, which we frequented, while camping at the beach.
Jesse and Lori walk hand in hand into the amusement park. They see the horses bobbing around.
Lori: Oh honey, look at the horses.
Jesse: Can we ride them?
Lori: Yes, of course. If you don't ride them you haven't been to an amusement park.
Jesse: Really?
Lori: Yup. Come on.
Lori pulls onto Jesse's hand a bit stronger and they walk faster toward the carousel.
Lori: Oh look at all the beautiful horses.
Jesse's eyes glisten. The line look…

Beach is Freedom #lorijeanfinnila #screenplay #domesticviolence #freedom

EXT. Day. Road

Jesse and Lori are riding along in the car. They turn a corner and enter the campground. The two of them get out of the car.

Lori: Oh no!

Lori walks over to the tent. Jesse follows.

Lori: Oh boy.

She handles a hole in the tent.

Lori: Some animal chewed through this. We don't want to go in and sleep in this. We're going to have to go get a new tent. Fortunately I got paid. Let's go Jesse. Back out.

Jesse and Lori hop back into the car and drive off.

INT. Day. Store

Jesse and Lori walk through the isles. Jesse runs over to the toy isles. Lori follows.

Lori: Ok.

Jesse: Mommy I want to ride this.

Lori looks up at a motor vehicle for kids.

Lori: Let me see if I can get someone to take it down.

Lori: (cont.) Oh excuse me sir.

Sales Clerk: Yes.

Lori: Can you please take this truck down so my son can try it out.

Sales Clerk: Sure.

The sales clerk maneuvers the truck down and puts it on the floor. Jesse squeals with happiness and hops on.

Sales Clerk: Don't go f…

The Waterfall #lorijeanfinnila #screenplay #domesticviolenceawareness #coronavirus #staystrong #beauty #bonding

(Note: At this time, when I'm alone in my apartment, I think back... now..., on how I was so low on the pole with my stature where I had everything taken from me. And today I'm in equal with everyone else, I even have more than some. I don't feel demise towards this. I just think and feel. Why God? Why any on this?)

EXT. Day. Campground

Lori takes the dishes and puts them in a basin with dish detergent and pours water from a jug over them.

Lori: Come on Jesse.

She takes his hand and they walk off together hand in hand.

Lori: (cont.) Let's go for a walk.

The ground is quiet. It is before the season begins. She was lucky to get a spot just when they opened. The planning, or unplanned went well. She packed just what she needed, no one would notice her gone with all the things left. Holes stuffed with clothes in the old apartment to run from the fumes put in their of drugs by her abuser.

Lori: Oooh, a bridge. Let's go check it out.

They both skip over to it. It's …